Got Malware Questions? We’ve got the Answers!

OPM, the IRS, Ashley Madison, Anthem … the list of major hacks from 2015 keeps on going and growing. And though it’s usually governments, corporations and dating websites whose names end up plastered all over the news, anyone with an internet connection can be affected by malware and hacks it brings. So if you’re more than a tad curious if your information was compromised in … Continue reading Got Malware Questions? We’ve got the Answers!

What is a Rootkit?

A rootkit is software that essentially covers up for the fact that another program has hacked a computer by disguising files as harmless when, in fact they are potentially dangerous. The virus itself gives the creator admin level access onto a computer’s operating system. A quick breakdown of the word rootkit helps us understand just what the term really means. “Root” is Linux-ese for admin … Continue reading What is a Rootkit?

What is a Trojan Virus?

A trojan virus is a software program that masks itself as something it’s not. Usually trojans pose as an innocent download or email attachment but it can take on any disguise in its attempts to get onto a computer. Trojans need human interaction to spread from one computer to the next. This means you need to download something or open an email attachment for the … Continue reading What is a Trojan Virus?

Malware and Its Many Flavors

Understanding malware and its many branches is kind of like walking into a Baskin and Robbins ice cream shop. There so many flavors and shades that it can be maddening to understand what’s going on. We have all come across terms like worms, viruses and spyware but it can be a sticky mess to decode what each one really means so most people use them … Continue reading Malware and Its Many Flavors