Reason Software Acquires CS Start Up Filelock

NEW YORK, June 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Reason Software, a leading cybersecurity software company focused on protecting consumers against existing and emerging security threats, today announced it has acquired Filelock, a Tel Aviv-based, cyber defense company whose solutions protect data from internal and external attacks. Built by offensive security experts from Israel’s elite 8200 military unit, Filelock’s technology was uniquely developed to protect data even after a breach has occurred. The acquisition was a strategic move for Reason to expand its product offerings and deliver 360-degree coverage to consumers around the world, as well as strengthen its engineering capabilities with cybersecurity talent.
Focused on protecting consumers against fast-emerging cyber threats, such as coin mining, ransomware and Internet of Things (IoT) hacks, Reason selected Filelock for its experience in developing cutting-edge encryption and protection technology.
“New cybersecurity threats arise daily and are quickly rendering signature-based security solutions obsolete,” said Andrew Newman, Founder of Reason Software. “This strategic acquisition was driven by our interest in securing additional innovative technologies to continually update our solutions and protect consumers against the next wave of attack, whatever that may be.”
“We’re incredibly excited to join Reason and add value, both in terms of product development and team growth,” said Ronen Slavin, Founder and CEO of Filelock, who joined Reason’s management team. “We are impressed by the transformative cybersecurity solutions Reason has developed, and continues to refine based on its immense data stores. I’m confident that, together, we’ll continue to deliver leading-edge cybersecurity solutions to the market.”
With over one billion files from 180 countries scanned each day, Reason is able to detect even the most obscure threats. With more than 75% of new cyber threats originating outside of the U.S., Reason is well positioned to identify and protect against emerging threats at their earliest stage.
About Reason Software Company
Reason Software Company is a leading cybersecurity company focusing on endpoint protection. With a team of cyber experts and visionaries led by former Microsoft Lead Security Program Manager, Andrew Newman, Reason leverages its unique state-of-the-art big data analytics platform to identify and protect against emerging threats at their earliest stage. Reason’s cutting-edge technology engine scans over one billion files in 180 countries a day, delivering a malware-free online experience to millions of customers around the world. Learn more at