Got Malware Questions? We’ve got the Answers!

OPM, the IRS, Ashley Madison, Anthem … the list of major hacks from 2015 keeps on going and growing.

And though it’s usually governments, corporations and dating websites whose names end up plastered all over the news, anyone with an internet connection can be affected by malware and hacks it brings. So if you’re more than a tad curious if your information was compromised in any of the above attacks (let’s assume for the moment that we aren’t talking about the Ashley Madison hack) or in one of the countless so-called “little incidents” that took place this year, well keep wondering – It can take weeks to months to understand the scope of damage done to your information even after a hack has been made public knowledge. And the signs of a malware infiltration aren’t always what we expect them to be. Even when you come face to face with an attack you might not pick up on what’s really going on.

RCS Forum is THE place for fast answers

That’s why we created the Reason Core Security forum. The forum is the best place to get answers when you need them fast. And when the safety of your data is at stake, every second counts.

Our forum gives you the ability to get help quickly from our team and community. Post your questions, and our team and community members will get you the help you need, fast. And if you just want to show an expert that file or program that just seems “off”, here is your chance – our diagnostic scan allows you to upload the file in question so we can see the file and diagnose and remove any malware, adware or potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) right then and there.

Your own private security expert…

Asking our experts on the forum is the fastest way to get information on how to clear malware from your computer for good. It’s kind of like having your own on-hand security experts whenever you need them

So come check out the RCS forum. It’s the fastest and best way to get the help and answers you need when every second counts.

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