Reason Core Security 1.1 is Here!

Hey RCS fans! We are excited to announce the release of the newest version of Reason Core Security – RCS 1.1! This is our latest and greatest installment of the most complete malware, adware and PUP solution available and now, it’s Windows 10 compatible! RCS 1.1 is packed with the same adware, malware and PUP destroying capabilities our users have come to rely on and it also boasts some impressive new features too. Let’s take a look at how RCS 1.1 will keep your PC safer and more secure.

Blasting Browser Hijackers

A browser hijacker is a program that modifies a web browser’s settings to replace a user’s homepage or search page with the hijacker’s own page, usually with the intent of making money off of forced page “hits”. They are an ever growing problem, one that can be very damaging to the security of your PC. Not only are hijackers downright annoying, they can serve as an entry point for malware and adware. Traditional anti-virus measures label such programs as potentially unwanted programs, or PUPs, which are outside the reach of their protection capabilities and therefore do nothing to stop these infiltrators. This latest version of RCS targets and removes the hijacker and its support mechanisms. It also corrects any modified assets the hijacker has tampered with. With RCS 1.1 browsers hijackers don’t stand a chance.

User Forum and Diagnostic Scan Helps ID Malware Faster

Come visit our new forum! PC acting strange? Think something slipped by? Want to find out what in the world that malware was doing on your PC?
The Reason Core Security forum is the place to get quick help and personal attention. Just run the diagnostic scan and that will allow our researchers diagnose and fix any issue in moments. Check it out at

Making Great Detection Rates Even Better

RCS already had some of the highest detection rates in the industry, picking up in general six pieces of undetected malware on computers running updated versions of the leading anti-virus programs. For RCS 1.1 our researchers have worked ‘round the clock to make our detection rates even better than before. We have developed an extensive policy of what is considered a Potentially Unwanted Program, which covers unwanted or bad behaviors that an application might exhibit. When RCS detects a program with any of these characteristics, it will be labeled as a PUP and the user will be given the choice to dump the program or keep it if they wish.

Buh-bye Bundleware

RCS 1.1 places special emphasis on detecting bundleware which typical AV’s completely ignore. Bundleware are programs that are downloaded without the user’s full knowledge when installing a wanted program which include adware and PUPs. RCS takes a unique approach with its Bundle Protection feature, preventing the user from unknowingly installing bundled programs With RCS protection the user will only get exactly what they intended to install.

RCS 1.1 is your complete malware, adware and PUP solution, and now it’s even better and more efficient than before. Download the new RCS 1.1 here:
We love feedback, keep it coming!

A special shout-out to all our users who provide us with invaluable feedback about our performance and how we can do more. We have a great group of like-minded users who want to give malware and adware the boot as much as we do and that matters a lot to us. And if you love RCS, tell a friend and help them keep their PC secure too. They’ll thank you for it.

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