Reason Core Security Update from Creator Andrew Newman

Hi everyone,

We are very excited to announce we are in the beta stage of our anti-malware/anti-adware security suite, Reason Core Security. Reason Core Security is designed to be a FREE* solution that works hand-in-hand with your existing anti-virus software and protects you from threats that your AV typically misses, with a very strong emphasis on adware and PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). We put an asterisk on FREE because there is a paid version (Complete Security) that offers everything that the free, Standard Protection offers in addition to real-time protection. Both versions use the exact same detection and removal engine and both include Bundle Protection as well.

While we are in beta of the software we know there is still a long way to go to perfect the product and we are working very hard to improve and release daily updates. With that said, we would really love for the community to not only help us test and use Reason Core Security but to offer suggestions, tell us about bugs and most importantly, provide us with feedback, specifically constructive criticism, so we can keep on improving the product.

Some things we are addressing as I write this include:

  • Improving scan times. This is one of our top priorities and should have some very significant improvements in the coming days.
  • Improving detection and false positives rates. While this is an ongoing effort, as more people use the software, rates get better by the hour.
  • General bug and stability issues. (Please keep reporting these, we need your help.)

Also, we have acquired the anti-bundle product Unchecky, which is currently integrated as the Bundle Protection feature. Still, we plan to keep the stand-alone Unchecky program available and keep it free, forever. Moreover, we also plan to improve it and make sure it supports more installers and keeps more users safe from PUPs.

We are a small group of very dedicated anti-malware and security developers and are working around the clock to provide users with the latest and greatest protection from such threats. Please help us build a great product as well!

I’ll keep posting updates regarding the progress of Reason Core Security and in the meantime please email me and the team with your feedback at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew Newman

One thought on “Reason Core Security Update from Creator Andrew Newman

  1. I recently stumbled apon your products these last couple days and may I say… I am very impressed! I myself am a computer hardware/software tech & network administrator. Security is my upmost priority, of course after performance haha. I’ve fallen in love with both your security program and “should I remove it?” app, both are very useful and very light weight. I actually wouldn’t mind volunteering as an end user beta tester, if your willing. I very well know the risks that come with beta testing and I am fully aware that its my responsibility if anything, even caused by something other than your program, happens to my system and I am forced to reinstall, install new hardware, etc. If you would allow me the privilege of becoming a beta tester for your growing yet impressive product, it would truly be an honor.
    -Matthew B

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